Saturday, April 23, 2011

Convert PDF to AZW format

Hi ! today, we will see how to read a pdf file in your Kindle !

First to know is that unfortunatly your Kindle from Amazon is not be able to read directly your pdf document.
So you have to convert it into azw format ?
How..don't worry it's easy...

First step : find a converter

if you have a Kindle, we suppose you have tried to go to amazon website to find a converter AZW to pdf. But, all softwares are for convert AZW in PDF !
So, you have to find yourself in search engines...
there's a lot of converter.. Mobipocket Creator is one such converter. it's a free software, and can output your pdf document in AZW format !
It's a windows program :
- Go to its website and download Mobipocket Creator (Publisher Edition)

Convert PDF to Azw

Install theMobipocket Creator. Open it.
To import your PDF for conversion, it's easy, select "Import From Existing File".
Of course, select PDF.
in "Settings now", select the Kindle format "Azw".
When it's ok for you, you can, start the conversion by clicking build.
When it's over, after a few seconds, click "ok" and it's finish. You can now use the new azw document !


  1. But, there is no "AZW" under Settings in Mobipocket Creator!

  2. You're right - there IS no AZW option. And Mobipocket Creator is, IMHO, a poorly-designed POS.